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5 Local Health And Safety Risks That You Can Easily Avoid On Your Bali Holiday

If you are excited about your upcoming holiday to Bali, especially if you are going to be staying in one of the many fantastic Bali villas which are available, we are going to do nothing to temper your excitement. However, if you have never travelled to Bali before, and as is the case for any overseas holiday, the more you know about the country or location you are travelling to, the better.

That includes knowing all the great stuff as well as some of the not-so-great. The not-so-great will be the case for every holiday destination around the world. Although some like to consider themselves as paradise, none can claim that they have zero downsides, even if they are rare. As for Bali, it too has lots of great aspects to it, but one which does require some attention is health risks. read more

How The Weather Can Influence When You Choose To Holiday In Bali

One of the best options for accommodation, when you go on holiday to Bali, is selecting one of the awesome Bali villas which you can rent for the duration of your holiday. These are usually available for rent all year round, but the question that then brings to the fore is  “What time of year is best for holidaying in Bali?”.

For some people, the time of year that they go on holiday may be beyond their control given the constraints they have due to their employment, their studies, or the demands of their business. For these people, the time of year that they go to Bali on holiday will almost have been dictated to them by their commitments, rather than a choice they have made. read more

How to Know Your Diamond is a Fake 

Whether you’ve been gifted a piece of jewellery that you’re not sure of, or there are some inconsistencies with your engagement ring, you may be questioning your diamond’s authenticity. It can be easy to play off a fake diamond as a real one, causing some problems when you don’t buy from a reputable jeweller.

Buying from a high-quality, reputable jeweller is one way to know your diamond is real. However, how are you supposed to know if your diamond is fake? There are several ways to go about it.

See a Jeweller
Whether you just want peace of mind or you have genuine concerns, seeing a jeweller can be the way to know if your diamond is fake. Jewellers have years of experience in the industry, so any engagement ring or jewellery piece is no match for their eagle eye. Within minutes, they will be able to tell you whether you’ve got an authentic diamond or one that’s disappointedly fake.

Why Canggu Is So Popular With Visitors To Bali

When you are planning a trip or holiday to Bali, one of the most difficult decisions you are going to have to make, now or when you arrive, is which parts of Bali are you going to visit, or actually choose as your base for the time you are there. We say ‘difficult decision’ not in the sense that you are going to struggle to find a location which is suitable, but because there are so many awesome locations in Bali, narrowing your choice down could prove to be a tough ask.

One of those awesome locations is called Canggu, which is located on the south coast of Bali, and  is around 20 minutes’ drive northwards from Seminyak. Canggu is designated a coastal village but does not do it justice given the many delights and experiences Canggu can offer tourists.

Here are some useful facts about Canggu.

Money: In Canggu cash rules, so you will need to ensure you have plenty with you. If not, there are local ATM machines where you can withdraw local currency which is the Indonesian Rupiah. Note that businesses in Bali are not allowed to accept Australian dollars so there is little point in carrying large amounts of it. In some of the larger restaurants and hotels, credit and debit cards will be accepted.

Language: As with the rest of Bali, the locals will speak Indonesian, although many will also speak the local Balinese language as well. Thankfully, English is the third most spoken language in Bali, and those that you are likely to come into contact with as a tourist, will speak enough for you both to understand each other.

Gili T Lombok

The Gili Islands are just some of the small islands off of Lombok. Lombok is considered to be in the dry season during the months from March to October and the wet season during the months from November to March. There are activities for visitors to enjoy all year round, though, on the Gili Islands including water sports, soaking up some sun and scuba diving which is one of the most popular activities on the islands. There are many different types of resorts in southern Lombok that are comfortable, elegant and luxurious.

Luxury Villa experts at Luxury Villas Bali tell us very popular resort is the Gili Asahan which is found in southwest Lombok. Here guests can relax in comfortable and elegant surroundings and enjoy water sports like scuba diving, snorkeling and boating to the other close by islands. There are four villas in the form of bungalows at the Gili Asahan resort. Each villa has a large, comfortable bed and a half bath with a shower that is open to the rest of the room. The villas have a spacious porch where you can sit and enjoy the view in the evening. The resort has an elegant restaurant that serves local foods that visitors love to try.

Balinese Woman Gets Prison Sentence for Hoax Baby Kidnapping Claim

A 38-year-old Balinese mother of two has been sent to prison for one year after falsely claiming her baby had been kidnapped.

Ni Wayan Sukerti made the false report last year, claiming that two motorcycle riders, unknown to her, had attempted to kidnap her baby. Ni Wayan also has a toddler.

Ni Wayan claimed that on November 1, 2019, the motorcyclists had attempted to kidnap the one-and-a-half-year-old baby boy, Ni Komang Puspadewi, at around 10.30am. She also said this had taken place north of Pura Subak Uma Desa on Batuyang Gang Walet Road in the Sukawati subdistrict.

The hoax came to light after Ni Wayan had been interviewed and examined several times at the Sukawati Police Headquarters. She was officially made a suspect on November 8, 2018.

Police made several checks, spoke to witnesses, and examined the scene. It was determined that the report was a hoax, which violated Article 242, paragraph one, of the Criminal Code regarding a fraudulent claim.

Ni Wayan, who is from Nusa Penida Klungkung, told police that she only made the claim to scare her eldest child. She gained inspiration from kidnapping news on social media.

How to Recognise Different Types of Algae in Your Pool

Bali pools often suffer from too much rain in the wet season and they can tend to turn green from garden run-off. No one wants to see their pool spoiled by algae growth, even though in itself it is not dangerous to health. The danger lies in it becoming a host to other bacteria such as e.coli.  Getting treatment done promptly is the best way to remove algae, but sometimes you don’t even know it’s there until it has become a really bad infestation. Using an automatic pool cleaner is helpful in keeping your pool algae free.

It is essential to learn how to recognise algae in the pool before it gets so bad that you have to drain all the water out. Here is what to look for when checking for algae.

  • Green algae – the water may look a bit cloudy or opaque, but within hours it can turn green. Suspect green algae if you even just feel the pool edges are slippery, especially where the water doesn’t circulate much.

Throwing a party? Make sure you get a good DJ

Part of throwing a party is making sure you organise all the essentials properly and part of your list should be DJ hire.  Having a party without a DJ is just as bad as bad as having a meal without cutlery; it is likely to result in a big mess. When it comes to hiring a DJ, party goers alike understand the fun a good DJ can add to any celebration.

In fact, in many cases a DJ acts like an MC, taking control of the proceedings in a way that ensures everyone has maximum fun at the party. They tell people what to do – in the nicest possible way of course, break the ice in the first few minutes and get that party rocking.

Drug Rehab by the Beach

If you are in need of drug rehab, what better place could there be to undergo treatment than at a beautiful resort right on the beach. Many addicts are put off having treatment by the thoughts of being imprisoned in a gaol-like facility where they have no say about anything. Nothing could be further from the truth when you go to Bali for your drug rehabilitation treatment.

Bali is not only easy to get to, it is far more affordable than most Australian options; at least the good ones that work. In fact, you’ll be staying at a resort-like facility right on the ocean where you can go swimming or surfing, sunbake or do any number of other activities. Bali is also a wonderful and affordable location for your family if you need to have counselling with them.

Where to Get Your Botox Injections

Some people tend to go overseas for certain cosmetic treatment such as Botox. But why spoil a perfectly good holiday in Bali or Thailand by having Botox procedures instead of sightseeing?  Going overseas for a holiday is exciting and you will be anxious to take in the different culture, see all those amazing sights and take part in activities that you don’t usually do at home.

Before you use Botox on your holiday, you need to know that you will spend much of the time taking care of that and recovering from it. There will not be much time left for enjoying the holiday, not like you would if you went without having that treatment done.  No matter what kind of treatment you have, there is always some effect on your body afterwards and you need to rest and relax to recover properly.

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