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How to be a Location Independent Entrepreneur in Bali

Firstly, what is a location independent entrepreneur? It is a business person who is not dependent on staying in the same place to run their business. Usually, this is because their business is wholly or almost wholly online. They have consulted a professional digital agency like Slinky to get advice on web design and SEO and their website designer has set up their website so that they can do business wherever they happen to find themselves, so long as there is an internet connection.

Even if they offer services such as bookkeeping or business consulting of some kind, they don’t have to be in their country of origin to do the work. They can offer advice via email and do accounting or any number of other things wherever they happen to be. This would seem to be the ideal way to make a living while in Bali. read more

10 Business Ideas for Bali

Many people go to Bali for a holiday and wish they could stay. Those that are serious find a business to start because that is the only way to make enough money to stay in Bali; there are few jobs for foreigners. Whatever business you start, make sure you consult a professional digital agency to get advice on web design and SEO so your website designer can design the best kind of website to market your business.

So what kind of business can you set up? Very often, supplying a needed service is the best kind of business and in a culture where everything is laid back and people live mostly in the present, a service that takes into consideration what a business is going to need in the future can often be welcomed with relief and delight. Here are 10 business ideas that are mostly offering a service of some kind. read more