Drug addiction is a serious health problem that causes many medical and psychological problems, whether the addiction is to alcohol or other kinds of drugs. For that reason it is essential that anyone who wants to get off drugs do so only while under the care of medical doctors and other healthcare professionals in a drug rehab setting such as Sivana Rehab.

Trying to get over such an addiction at home is never likely to be successful and in fact, is very dangerous due to the many different reactions that can affect your health. Drug rehabilitation in a special facility that is set up especially to ensure the health and safety of the recovering addict is the only way to recover safely.

The withdrawal symptoms will vary depending on several factors:

  • How long the addiction has been
  • What drugs have been involved
  • How much each dose of the drugs was
  • Whether the user has been through withdrawal before
  • Underlying medical conditions

People who have not been through withdrawal before and have been addicted for a relatively short time are the most likely to recover with milder withdrawal symptoms. But even then, the process should only be done in a medical facility where trained professionals are on hand to ensure no harm comes to them.

It is good to be prepared by knowing what withdrawal symptoms are likely. These also differ according to the type of drug used. They range from chills, sweating and tremors to depression, anxiety and vomiting to mention just a few. More dangerous drug detox symptoms are: –

  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Grand mal seizure
  • Hallucinations – where the sufferer knows they are not real
  • Delirium tremens (Dts) – where the hallucinations cannot be distinguished from reality.

These can last up to a week, which is why it is essential to have medical staff on hand to care for the sufferer and provide treatment, or get them to a hospital when necessary. Similar withdrawal symptoms are experienced by alcoholics during the withdrawal phase of their recover.

When you decide to fight off those drugs and get your life back, the best way to do so is to book into an overseas drug rehab facility. It is not only much more affordable, it gets you away from your old life and the temptation to give up and go back to being a user. A big advantage of undergoing drug rehabilitation in Bali is that such a place is really pleasant to be in. Once those withdrawal symptoms have dissipated – and they will – you can start to enjoy the rest of your treatment.

The treatment plan drawn up for you will be an individual one to suit your particular needs. This will work far more successfully than any generic treatment could and includes learning how to enjoy yourself with many exciting and interesting activities to pursue during your free time.