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Where to See Wild Animals in Bali

If you are an animal lover on a trip to Bali, you are sure to want to see the wildlife there, whether it is in a zoo or in the wild. In fact, Bali is known for the many monkeys that roam around temples and can be seen in the monkey forests. Once you’ve settled into your choice of accommodation from the many Canggu Villas available, the first thing on your agenda may be a trip to the monkey forest. Where is it?

In fact, there are two monkey forests; the best known one is at Ubud, not far from the centre of the city. It is known as the Sacred Monkey Forest at Padangtegal. Around 300 grey-haired macaques live there and can be seen in the forest and around the 3 temples that are also in the forest. While looking at the monkeys, don’t forget to note the many beautiful, moss covered statues amongst the greenery. read more

Where to Find Amazing Scenery in Bali

Part of going overseas is to admire the many different scenery choices that cannot be found anywhere else. When you go to Bali you only have to step out of your holiday villa to find beautiful scenery to enjoy. However, you won’t see all the wonderful sights there are to admire in Bali from that point.

Two good ways to enjoy the spectacular scenery is to go on a helicopter ride or take a cruise. The former will give you a wide, bird’s eye view of the countryside, including the beaches, cities, mountains and rice fields. The latter will give you a closer view of just a few scenic places. You can also take day tours, travelling by car to a specific spot that is known for some wonderful scenic feature. There are plenty of scenic spots in Bali and the only problem you will find is fitting them all in. Here are some suggestions. read more

Ultimate Shopping Guide: What And Where To Buy In Bali?

Shopping markets of Bali are renowned for the choice and variety of products offered. There are a number of shopping markets catering to all styles. Ranging from hand painted scarf at a local market to air conditioned big mall, buyers are certain to find their choice in Bali. With villas from Easy Bali Villas to the huge array of surf shops and markets, there is something for everyone.

In following paragraphs top shopping places for various designer articles, available on the island, have been compiled for the visitors.  read more

How to be a Location Independent Entrepreneur in Bali

Firstly, what is a location independent entrepreneur? It is a business person who is not dependent on staying in the same place to run their business. Usually, this is because their business is wholly or almost wholly online. They have consulted a professional digital agency like Slinky to get advice on web design and SEO and their website designer has set up their website so that they can do business wherever they happen to find themselves, so long as there is an internet connection.

Even if they offer services such as bookkeeping or business consulting of some kind, they don’t have to be in their country of origin to do the work. They can offer advice via email and do accounting or any number of other things wherever they happen to be. This would seem to be the ideal way to make a living while in Bali. read more

10 Business Ideas for Bali

Many people go to Bali for a holiday and wish they could stay. Those that are serious find a business to start because that is the only way to make enough money to stay in Bali; there are few jobs for foreigners. Whatever business you start, make sure you consult a professional digital agency to get advice on web design and SEO so your website designer can design the best kind of website to market your business.

So what kind of business can you set up? Very often, supplying a needed service is the best kind of business and in a culture where everything is laid back and people live mostly in the present, a service that takes into consideration what a business is going to need in the future can often be welcomed with relief and delight. Here are 10 business ideas that are mostly offering a service of some kind. read more

Why Drug Rehab Should Never be Tried at Home

Drug addiction is a serious health problem that causes many medical and psychological problems, whether the addiction is to alcohol or other kinds of drugs. For that reason it is essential that anyone who wants to get off drugs do so only while under the care of medical doctors and other healthcare professionals in a drug rehab setting such as Sivana Rehab.

Trying to get over such an addiction at home is never likely to be successful and in fact, is very dangerous due to the many different reactions that can affect your health. Drug rehabilitation in a special facility that is set up especially to ensure the health and safety of the recovering addict is the only way to recover safely. read more

How to Win the Drug Tug of War

Once anyone starts to take drugs it’s not long before they get hooked, even if they won’t admit it. Life can become a big tug-of-war between wanting to take more drugs and wanting to stop. Sometimes, it may seem as if you are winning, only to find that drug addiction has gotten a really firm hold on you and you just can’t stop from using.

If you want to win the drug tug-of-war decisively, you will need to get professional help. In Australia, this is very costly, so the best thing to do is go overseas.  Bali is a much easier place to get to than Thailand and offers very affordable drug rehabilitation with an extremely high rate of success. This is due in part to the lovely location that lets you relax and enjoy life in a way that has most likely not been possible for a long time. read more

Jatiluwih Rice Terraces

The Jatiluwih rice terraces are located in the mid of Bali nearly Ganung Batukaru. The area is very rural with nothing but undeveloped communities and a a small amount of high ranking put an end to mountain resorts ($100 US or more a night). It’s rural Bali by its preeminent. There’s rebuff tours with the aim of stretch at this time, rebuff tourist buses, not even a regular freely available car. To get a hold at this time, you either hire a driver, drive at this time by hand, or stay by lone of the nearby read more

4th International Bali Meditators Festival in Bali

The Fourth International Bali Meditators Festival will this time again take place in Ubud, Bali, from September 20-23, 2012. The Festival carries the theme, “One Earth, One Sky, One Humankind: Towards Global Peace and Interfaith Harmony through Meditation.”

The twelve-monthly Bali Meditators Festival has attracted the world’s attention, and this time, registered participants attending are from the United States, France, Brazil, the Netherlands, Japan, Australia, Germany, and Malaysia, while from surrounded by Indonesia, deep-rooted participants are from Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Lampung, and Kalimantan. read more

Gunung Kawi – Sebatu

Gunung Kawi Sebatu Tegallalang temple located around 40 kilometers from the chief city Denpasar. Here is lone of Bali’s prettiest temples called Gunung Kawi temple (not bemused with Gunung Kawi rocky temple in Tampaksiring). This temple was built in deference to the God of preserver (Wisnu), who rules above hose and at this time lone finds a figure of natural spring and waterspouts. The Balinese believe with the aim of hose is lone of the forces of life. The etymology of Gunung Kawi instrument a fictitious mountain. read more

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