Shopping markets of Bali are renowned for the choice and variety of products offered. There are a number of shopping markets catering to all styles. Ranging from hand painted scarf at a local market to air conditioned big mall, buyers are certain to find their choice in Bali. With villas from Easy Bali Villas to the huge array of surf shops and markets, there is something for everyone.

In following paragraphs top shopping places for various designer articles, available on the island, have been compiled for the visitors. 

  1. Surfing Accessories and Wears

In earlier days, before today’s destination dining and entertainment, luxurious hotels and spas, Bali was famous for most sought after traveler’s destination for surfing. Nowadays in some shops, you can still find the old culture of simple styles while stores like Billabong and Rip Curl are competing against a big crowd of boutiques selling normal brands liked by masses and an excellent customer satisfaction.

  1. Kuta Beachwalk

This is the latest addition in entertainment vacation places of  Kuta. It is situated in about 4hectares of land. It has many shops, entertainment centers, and restaurants. Beachwalk has an exceptional design and is rated no 1 in Bali.

  1. Ubud Art Market

It is situated in front of Puri Saren Royal Abud Palace and opens daily for the visitors. You can purchase silk shirts, silk scarves, baskets and hats, handmade bags, kites and many more handmade goods. Many of the articles are crafted by neighboring villagers. Its location is very strategic being opposite to the Royal Palace.

  1. Mall Bali Galleria

It is the biggest shopping place in Kuta. It houses many restaurants fashion shops, book shops, a supermarket, Galleria21 multiplex, shops for buying souvenirs and an exhibition place at the entrance lobby. A Duty-Free shop is located at the front part of the arcade.

  1. Sukawati Art Market

This is the largest market of Bali for buying handicrafts and conventional handcrafted products. It is situated at Sukawati main road. This twin floor building is full of tourists and the local crowd on each weekend and especially during Christmas, Summer Holidays, Ney Year and Eid-Ul-Fitr. It is sometimes impossible to find a parking place during holidays.

  1. The Bali Collection

This is a big brand departmental store housing all mega brands, international sellers and most popular local brands. It also has beverages and food shops, spa centers everything put together in an open space square. Different to other destinations Bali Collection is well kept and is clean and has trees, sitting benches as well as eating shops arranged conveniently.

  1. Celuk Village

It is situated on the road going towards Ubud. It is known as the village of silver, and gold ornaments and other articles Visitors can visit here to buy silver and gold jewelry like bangles, pendants  earrings, broaches and many other accessories some of them with pearls. Virtually every house belongs to a smith with a small shop.

  1. Bali Shopping Tips

Consider the good and bad points of shipping goods very carefully from here to your country and then only make the investment. It is possible that the purchases done by you may not get cleared at the customs.

Always check your own country custom and import laws before making a big purchase. Even small items may be found in banned list. Finish shopping in the morning or evening hours as in the afternoon Bali becomes very warm.

Most of the clothes made in Bali are not recommended for machine wash. Always check the label cautiously and if no label is fixed on the cloth do not take the risk.