Part of throwing a party is making sure you organise all the essentials properly and part of your list should be DJ hire.  Having a party without a DJ is just as bad as bad as having a meal without cutlery; it is likely to result in a big mess. When it comes to hiring a DJ, party goers alike understand the fun a good DJ can add to any celebration.

In fact, in many cases a DJ acts like an MC, taking control of the proceedings in a way that ensures everyone has maximum fun at the party. They tell people what to do – in the nicest possible way of course, break the ice in the first few minutes and get that party rocking.

A DJ understands that a party is just a group of people and as with most groups, they work better when there is a leader who can take control of the situation and get people doing what they came to do. Otherwise, no one wants to be the first to start dancing or to go to the drinks table or photo booth if one is provided; everyone waits for someone else to go first.

With a DJ in control, there is no waiting around as he will lead the group by telling them all to get up and dance or otherwise have fun. The DJ can direct people to where the drinks are and tell them what to expect next if there are items on the agenda. Everyone heeds the voice of authority at a party and they expect this person to be the DJ, who will tell them where to go and what to do. That is why a party without one will usually fall flat.

Even if you choose someone from your group of friends to be a DJ for the night, it won’t be the same as hiring a professional, experienced DJ.  Your friend may get at attack of nerves at the last minute, they may drink too much or they may simply take time off throughout the night, leaving the party to fend for itself. Or they may just not understand exactly how to go about the job of being a DJ.  It is a big risk to the success of the party when there is no official DJ.

Making sure you get a good DJ means choosing one from a list of professionals. This can even be done through an events managing company who offers DJ services as part of their package. You can be sure that the DJ is a professional when they do it for a living. Seeing them in action is also a good way to choose a DJ. That way you know just what they are capable of.