Many people go to Bali for a holiday and wish they could stay. Those that are serious find a business to start because that is the only way to make enough money to stay in Bali; there are few jobs for foreigners. Whatever business you start, make sure you consult a professional digital agency to get advice on web design and SEO so your website designer can design the best kind of website to market your business.

So what kind of business can you set up? Very often, supplying a needed service is the best kind of business and in a culture where everything is laid back and people live mostly in the present, a service that takes into consideration what a business is going to need in the future can often be welcomed with relief and delight. Here are 10 business ideas that are mostly offering a service of some kind.

  1. Because most Balinese don’t get a high education, things such as marketing are not done well in Bali. Marketing consulting if you have those skills could be a good business.
  2. A professional cleaning company that has commercial cleaning equipment to do deep cleaning may do well, since most cleaning is done by broom in Bali.
  3. Since Bali is a popular tourist destination and there are many hotels for accommodation, supplying hotels with all the many things that are needed could become a good business. These things could be anything from generators to linen and from laundry equipment to luggage trolleys.
  4. Everything seems to need repairs in Bali, but reliable tradesmen are few and far between. Most hotels and other establishments would appreciate a tradies booking service that also took care of the payments so that pricing could be transparent and easily done and the tradie would not get paid until the job was done.
  5. Catering is a niche that may seem oversupplied, but there is a need for one that is well-run and clear about what’s included in fair prices.
  6. With the expense of imported foods, making food that expats love would be a good business. Things like cheese and cured meats would be popular.
  7. Many hopeful business owners come to Bali looking for clothing manufacturers. What is needed is an agent that can find them and also oversee such things as quality control, production, shipping and payment.
  8. Computer repairs would be a good business as many people find it difficult to get their computer repaired in Bali. Rather, it is more likely to come back missing parts.
  9. Security company would be a great business. While there are plenty of security guards, most have not had training and tend to disappear at the first sign of trouble.
  10. Food and beverage suppliers to hotels are a fairly hit and miss thing in Bali so this too, could become a good business if you are reliable and fair with prices.