The Fourth International Bali Meditators Festival will this time again take place in Ubud, Bali, from September 20-23, 2012. The Festival carries the theme, “One Earth, One Sky, One Humankind: Towards Global Peace and Interfaith Harmony through Meditation.”

The twelve-monthly Bali Meditators Festival has attracted the world’s attention, and this time, registered participants attending are from the United States, France, Brazil, the Netherlands, Japan, Australia, Germany, and Malaysia, while from surrounded by Indonesia, deep-rooted participants are from Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Lampung, and Kalimantan.

Last year’s event was attended by around 1,000 make somewhere your home, and this time, organizers expect the information to enlarge significantly.

International speakers from a figure of spiritual organizations in the humankind will share their comprehension and experience, and teach deliberation and yoga techniques for the duration of the festival.

“IBMF 2012 shall be the place someplace make somewhere your home consider and celebrate in love and togetherness. While deliberation builds and strengthens soul beings’ inner cores, celebration is the way to share the overwhelming joy. Together, participants are free to re-learn the elapsed language of love, and create a path towards a peaceful humankind and a united mankind.”

The Festival facial appearance song and dance performances, apart from conventional sessions such as panel discussions and workshops. Special measures will include various programs such as yoga instead of kids, yoga instead of youth, and many more. There is additionally a variety store area with a beautiful think about on Ubud’s developing landscape.

Indoors connection with the International Bali Meditators Festival, Deputy Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Tour and Travel Agencies in Bali(ASITA Bali), Bagus Sudibya, told the press with the aim of Bali was fast seemly increasingly in style as a spiritual visiting the attractions destination, as evidence from requirements made by foreign travel agents instead of their clients, understood Bagus Sudibya. Most groups are from Australia, the United States, Japan, and Europe, and their itineraries include yoga and deliberation.
ASITA estimates with the aim of already 10 percent of tour programs handled by Bali ASITA element include Spiritual Tour Itineraries. Sudibya estimates with the aim of more or less 5 percent of all incoming foreign tourists to Baliget pleasure from spiritual tours.

“This shows with the aim of Bali has the capability to turn into a meaningful spiritual visiting the attractions destination, and the largest part importantly, spiritual visiting the attractions can be a factor to only if deeper significance toBali’s visiting the attractions development.” Today, travel agents actively offer tour spiritual tour letters to their clients, and the response has been certain since a growing figure of make somewhere your home in the humankind seem to be looking instead of inner stillness and happiness through self-healing amidst problems and turmoils in their lives.
IBMF was initiated by Anand Krishna, a humankind spiritual leader and come to grief of the Anan Ashram foundation. While the intention of the Festival is to reach awareness, wisdom, and be concerned towards other soul beings and the ecosystem in order to create communities with the aim of are intense and healthy holistically.