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5 Local Health And Safety Risks That You Can Easily Avoid On Your Bali Holiday

If you are excited about your upcoming holiday to Bali, especially if you are going to be staying in one of the many fantastic Bali villas which are available, we are going to do nothing to temper your excitement. However, if you have never travelled to Bali before, and as is the case for any overseas holiday, the more you know about the country or location you are travelling to, the better.

That includes knowing all the great stuff as well as some of the not-so-great. The not-so-great will be the case for every holiday destination around the world. Although some like to consider themselves as paradise, none can claim that they have zero downsides, even if they are rare. As for Bali, it too has lots of great aspects to it, but one which does require some attention is health risks. read more

Why Canggu Is So Popular With Visitors To Bali

When you are planning a trip or holiday to Bali, one of the most difficult decisions you are going to have to make, now or when you arrive, is which parts of Bali are you going to visit, or actually choose as your base for the time you are there. We say ‘difficult decision’ not in the sense that you are going to struggle to find a location which is suitable, but because there are so many awesome locations in Bali, narrowing your choice down could prove to be a tough ask.

One of those awesome locations is called Canggu, which is located on the south coast of Bali, and  is around 20 minutes’ drive northwards from Seminyak. Canggu is designated a coastal village but does not do it justice given the many delights and experiences Canggu can offer tourists. read more

Gili T Lombok

The Gili Islands are just some of the small islands off of Lombok. Lombok is considered to be in the dry season during the months from March to October and the wet season during the months from November to March. There are activities for visitors to enjoy all year round, though, on the Gili Islands including water sports, soaking up some sun and scuba diving which is one of the most popular activities on the islands. There are many different types of resorts in southern Lombok that are comfortable, elegant and luxurious. read more

Spiritual Travel and Tips

Bali Tours Spiritual

Bali’s an incredible island of Indonesia. It is referred to as “the island of 10,000 temples” due to the detail with the intention of here are so many temples and shrines. Inside Bali, religion runs everything with the intention of is life on this island. Every single time the island sees major religious festivals somewhere right through and, factually thousands of tiny thankful offerings. Just the first name Bali seems to bring up view of exotic beauty and endless religion. Well the island of ten thousand temples is all with the intention of and more. Eat, pray, and love all with the intention of is Bali. read more