Some people tend to go overseas for certain cosmetic treatment such as Botox. But why spoil a perfectly good holiday in Bali or Thailand by having Botox procedures instead of sightseeing?  Going overseas for a holiday is exciting and you will be anxious to take in the different culture, see all those amazing sights and take part in activities that you don’t usually do at home.

Before you use Botox on your holiday, you need to know that you will spend much of the time taking care of that and recovering from it. There will not be much time left for enjoying the holiday, not like you would if you went without having that treatment done.  No matter what kind of treatment you have, there is always some effect on your body afterwards and you need to rest and relax to recover properly.

But you will be very tempted to do other holiday related activities so you don’t miss out on your fun times.  If you don’t, you’ll feel somewhat deprived. After all, here you are in a whole new country and you can’t really enjoy it to the full because you have to care for your body to get the best results from your treatment. That brings us to another point.

What do you know about the training the cosmetic surgeon has done in your chosen treatment?  The clinic may look wonderful and the staff may treat you like a princess, but if the surgeon has not had the correct training being treated beautifully by the staff won’t make up for the results that may occur from the treatment.  It is a well known fact that Australian cosmetic surgeons often have to correct poor techniques used on patients overseas.

In Australia you can at least know for certain that the attending surgeon is fully qualified to Australian medical standards and undergoes more training on a regular basis. And the medical and other staff that attend you are also trained well, otherwise they would not be allowed to work in those positions.

Having your Botox injections or other cosmetic surgery done in Australia will ensure you get the best treatment possible. This may not be the case in an overseas clinic. Before booking in to a clinic in Bali or Thailand, consider whether you want to risk having to have the treatment done twice. What you save on one overseas treatment will not compensate you for having to pay for another one later on.

Besides that, going overseas is an exciting time that should not be spoiled by having any kind of surgery, cosmetic or otherwise. So have your Botox treatment well before you go, or keep it to have afterwards and you’ll then be able to fully enjoy that holiday and do a great many fun things.