When you are planning a trip or holiday to Bali, one of the most difficult decisions you are going to have to make, now or when you arrive, is which parts of Bali are you going to visit, or actually choose as your base for the time you are there. We say ‘difficult decision’ not in the sense that you are going to struggle to find a location which is suitable, but because there are so many awesome locations in Bali, narrowing your choice down could prove to be a tough ask.

One of those awesome locations is called Canggu, which is located on the south coast of Bali, and  is around 20 minutes’ drive northwards from Seminyak. Canggu is designated a coastal village but does not do it justice given the many delights and experiences Canggu can offer tourists.

Here are some useful facts about Canggu.

Money: In Canggu cash rules, so you will need to ensure you have plenty with you. If not, there are local ATM machines where you can withdraw local currency which is the Indonesian Rupiah. Note that businesses in Bali are not allowed to accept Australian dollars so there is little point in carrying large amounts of it. In some of the larger restaurants and hotels, credit and debit cards will be accepted.

Language: As with the rest of Bali, the locals will speak Indonesian, although many will also speak the local Balinese language as well. Thankfully, English is the third most spoken language in Bali, and those that you are likely to come into contact with as a tourist, will speak enough for you both to understand each other.

Weather: Bali is wonderfully warm all year, with an average temperature of 30° Centigrade, which is  86° Fahrenheit. It can also be extremely humid. It does have a rainy season which you may choose to avoid, which normally occurs between October and April.

DO NOT DRINK THE TAP WATER: With the high humidity we just mentioned, you will need to drink plenty of water, but it must be from a bottled source. Bali’s tap water is not clean and drinking it could risk an upset stomach. This applies across all of Bali and includes Canggu. We mention this just in case you think Canggu might be an exception.

Ok, with the facts and figures out of the way, let us focus more on what makes Canggu an awesome place to visit.

Luxurious Accommodation

Canggu has an assortment of choices if you choose to base yourself there. This includes villas and hotels. These are built to the highest standards and provide a level of luxury that every holidaymaker will appreciate. Amenities in your accommodation can include four-poster beds, private plunge pools, swimming pools, spas, and landscaped gardens.

Restaurants And Cafes

Many tourists who have visited Canggu, say that when it comes to dining out, it has a combination of all the best attributes of Bali cuisine. You can eat health foods, local dishes, and international dishes in the restaurants, or if you prefer to quick snack or a coffee, the cafes in Canggu are some of the best you will find in the whole of Bali.


There is certainly no shortage of activities that you can participate in when you visit Canggu. These include yoga, spa, Sunday market, cultural evenings and of course there is always the opportunity to go to Berawa beach to relax, swim or play water sports. In particular, surfing is especially popular in Canggu with a variety of beaches along the local coastline suitable for different levels.