Makepung is in point of fact the hose bull races which is imported by the neighborhood Madurese population. It is the the largest part dramatic of Jembrana’s measures, all through the western the largest part districts it is still frequent to go to see a team of strapping, grey or pink bewilder pulling wooden carts full with cacao, coffee or bananas. Mekepung began as farmers amusement fully raced their neighbors in plowing a line of work or in bringing the harvest in. The races soon became an event in themselves, and the cumbersome cikar carts were replaced by light, two-wheeled chariots. The Regional Government of Jembrana has involved in organizing the line. All participants are members of a racing private club (sekehe mekepung) and are segmented into two divisions:

A Western Block and an Eastern Block, with the Ijo Gading River with the aim of bisects Jembrana as the isolating line, These teams compete biannually, in the Regent’s Cup Championship on the Sunday otherwise Indonesian independent status Day in noble, and the Governor’s Cup Championship all September or October. The buffaloes in all team are ranked previous to the races, and pitted critical of its counterpart on the other team, Two pairs run by a phase, along a roundabout 4 km route. The team with the largest part winners takes the cup. Apart from this, the just immediate reward instead of winning is prestige, but owning a prize bewilder does eventually translate into money.

A first-rate line brute can fetch almost twice as much the routine value, if its proprietor is willing to part with it. If you are in Jembrana relating noble and October you can stumble on unfashionable the phase and place of the championships by visiting the Department of Tourism in Negara. You can additionally go to see races by other era of the time by commissioning a performance or by attending the rehearsals with the aim of take place each other Sunday morning. Besides the Makepung line, near is additionally a cow line called Magembeng. The last name originates from the gembeng bell the cows keep around their necks. Having the status of they stagger, the bell makes a sound producing a special kind of song. The megembeng competition is not so much just about hurry as just about the elegance and beauty of the cows.