One of the best options for accommodation, when you go on holiday to Bali, is selecting one of the awesome Bali villas which you can rent for the duration of your holiday. These are usually available for rent all year round, but the question that then brings to the fore is  “What time of year is best for holidaying in Bali?”.

For some people, the time of year that they go on holiday may be beyond their control given the constraints they have due to their employment, their studies, or the demands of their business. For these people, the time of year that they go to Bali on holiday will almost have been dictated to them by their commitments, rather than a choice they have made.

However, for those of you reading this who are lucky enough to be able to choose any time of the year to have your holiday in Bali, one of the biggest influencers on your decision as to when you travel there, will be the prevailing weather in Bali at specific times of the year. Here is some guidance on Bali’s weather through the months which we hope helps you with your decision.

Bali’s Climate

Being located just south of the equator, Bali’s climate tends to be warm and humid for the majority of the time, meaning Bali is classified as having a tropical climate. Bali also has two distinctive weather periods each year which are namely the rainy season and the dry season. Despite its tropical climate, Bali also has mountains that rise above 3, 000 feet, so if you are at the peak, you will be experiencing cool temperatures not hot ones.

As for the two distinct weather seasons we mentioned, the rainy season usually occurs between November and March, and within that period, December and January are the two months that account for over one-third of Bali’s annual rainfall. In the rainy season, the number of days you can expect it to rain is over 50% with January to March peaking at 2 out of every 3 days being rainy.

The dry season runs from April to October where it will rain on average only 1 day out of 8 and the level of rainfall is less than 4 inches with August being the driest month where less than 1-inch of rain will fall. Usually, on 28 days out of the 31 in August you will see no rainfall whatsoever.

Temperatures In Bali

One of the key features of Bali’s weather is how consistent its temperatures are. Some holiday locations around the world have extremely high temperatures in summer, but equally extreme cold temperatures in winter, but Bali’s is far more predictable. The average temperature thorough out the year in Bali is around 27.5 degrees Celsius, but as for variations from that, the lowest average is August at 26.4 degrees Celsius, and the highest is November at 28.3 degrees Celsius.

This means that averages have a variation of just 1.9 degrees. This consistency is further evidenced by the minimum and maximum temperatures which start at a far from chilly low temperature of 23.5 degrees Celsius in August and a toasty 31.7 degrees Celsius in November.


Given that the temperatures barely differ month to month, the biggest weather influence is going to be rainfall. This is why the common consensus is that June to September are the optimum months to holiday in Bali when it is at its driest.