Part of going overseas is to admire the many different scenery choices that cannot be found anywhere else. When you go to Bali you only have to step out of your holiday villa to find beautiful scenery to enjoy. However, you won’t see all the wonderful sights there are to admire in Bali from that point.

Two good ways to enjoy the spectacular scenery is to go on a helicopter ride or take a cruise. The former will give you a wide, bird’s eye view of the countryside, including the beaches, cities, mountains and rice fields. The latter will give you a closer view of just a few scenic places. You can also take day tours, travelling by car to a specific spot that is known for some wonderful scenic feature. There are plenty of scenic spots in Bali and the only problem you will find is fitting them all in. Here are some suggestions.

  • Jatiluwih on Tabanan is a scenic spot where you can see some of the oldest and most complex systems of terraced rice fields.
  • Gunung Kawi, this may be Bali’s answer to the Grand Canyon, but the descent is made easier by steps into the valley below, where you will see the tombs of ancient kings and much lovely scenery on the way down – and back up. There are vendors on the way to offer you water or snacks.
  • Somewhat reminiscent of the fiords in New Zealand are the northern lakes of Buyan and Tamblingan in Northern Bali. About 5km north of Danau Bratan going towards Singaraja there is a lookout point. Opposite that take a road that veers sharply to the right and follow it for about 5km. There are parking spaces and picnic tables where the lakes come into view. Not many people come here, so you are seeing scenery not many others get to enjoy.
  • Waterfalls offer spectacular scenery and there are many in Bali that are not on the main tourist routes. Some take quite a bit of climbing down to, but if you are not up to that go to Jembong Waterfall, not far from the famous Git Git Falls. It is not as high, but offers the chance of a beautiful soak while you enjoy the spectacular scenery.
  • Yeh Mampeh Waterfall near the tiny village of Les is one of the longest falls in Bali. Hike down and also visit the caves before you indulge in a dip.
  • Last but far from least is the hidden sacred canyon of Sukawati. This, too, is off the beaten tourist trail so you will be seeing a sight not many other tourists find. It can be found near Pura Beji Guwang near Sukawati.