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Where to Get Your Botox Injections

Some people tend to go overseas for certain cosmetic treatment such as Botox. But why spoil a perfectly good holiday in Bali or Thailand by having Botox injections instead of sightseeing?  Going overseas for a holiday is exciting and you will be anxious to take in the different culture, see all those amazing sights and take part in activities that you don’t usually do at home.

If you decide to arrange for cosmetic surgery on your holiday you will spend much of the time taking care of that and recovering from it. There will not be much time left for enjoying the holiday, not like you would if you went without having that treatment done.  No matter what kind of treatment you have, there is always some effect on your body afterwards and you need to rest and relax to recover properly.

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Where to See Wild Animals in Bali

If you are an animal lover on a trip to Bali, you are sure to want to see the wildlife there, whether it is in a zoo or in the wild. In fact, Bali is known for the many monkeys that roam around temples and can be seen in the monkey forests. Once you’ve settled into your choice of accommodation from the many Canggu Villas available, the first thing on your agenda may be a trip to the monkey forest. Where is it?

In fact, there are two monkey forests; the best known one is at Ubud, not far from the centre of the city. It is known as the Sacred Monkey Forest at Padangtegal. Around 300 grey-haired macaques live there and can be seen in the forest and around the 3 temples that are also in the forest. While looking at the monkeys, don’t forget to note the many beautiful, moss covered statues amongst the greenery.

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Where to Find Amazing Scenery in Bali

Part of going overseas is to admire the many different scenery choices that cannot be found anywhere else. When you go to Bali you only have to step out of your Seminyak Villa to find beautiful scenery to enjoy. However, you won’t see all the wonderful sights there are to admire in Bali from that point.

Two good ways to enjoy the spectacular scenery is to go on a helicopter ride or take a cruise. The former will give you a wide, bird’s eye view of the countryside, including the beaches, cities, mountains and rice fields. The latter will give you a closer view of just a few scenic places. You can also take day tours, travelling by car to a specific spot that is known for some wonderful scenic feature. There are plenty of scenic spots in Bali and the only problem you will find is fitting them all in. Here are some suggestions.

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Ultimate Shopping Guide: What And Where To Buy In Bali?

Shopping markets of Bali are renowned for the choice and variety of products offered. There are a number of shopping markets catering to all styles. Ranging from hand painted scarf at a local market to air conditioned big mall, buyers are certain to find their choice in Bali. From Bali villas to the huge array of surf shops and markets, there is something for everyone.

In following paragraphs top shopping places for various designer articles, available on the island, have been compiled for the visitors. 

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Jatiluwih Rice Terraces

The Jatiluwih rice terraces are located in the mid of Bali nearly Ganung Batukaru. The area is very rural with nothing but undeveloped communities and a a small amount of high ranking put an end to mountain resorts ($100 US or more a night). It’s rural Bali by its preeminent. There’s rebuff tours with the aim of stretch at this time, rebuff tourist buses, not even a regular freely available car. To get a hold at this time, you either hire a driver, drive at this time by hand, or stay by lone of the nearby

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4th International Bali Meditators Festival in Bali

The Fourth International Bali Meditators Festival will this time again take place in Ubud, Bali, from September 20-23, 2012. The Festival carries the theme, “One Earth, One Sky, One Humankind: Towards Global Peace and Interfaith Harmony through Meditation.”

The twelve-monthly Bali Meditators Festival has attracted the world’s attention, and this time, registered participants attending are from the United States, France, Brazil, the Netherlands, Japan, Australia, Germany, and Malaysia, while from surrounded by Indonesia, deep-rooted participants are from Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Lampung, and Kalimantan.

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Gunung Kawi – Sebatu

Gunung Kawi Sebatu Tegallalang temple located around 40 kilometers from the chief city Denpasar. Here is lone of Bali’s prettiest temples called Gunung Kawi temple (not bemused with Gunung Kawi rocky temple in Tampaksiring). This temple was built in deference to the God of preserver (Wisnu), who rules above hose and at this time lone finds a figure of natural spring and waterspouts. The Balinese believe with the aim of hose is lone of the forces of life. The etymology of Gunung Kawi instrument a fictitious mountain.

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Bali Already Preparing for APEC 2013 Meeting

Bali is already gearing up pro the assembly of the Asia comforting Economic Cooperation (APEC) countries in 2013.

“The Indonesian government, along with BHA (Bali Hotels Association) is taking this event very sincerely, and so we are working with the Association of the Indonesian Tours & Travel Agencies (ASITA) as well as the Association of Hotels & Restaurant (PHRI) to promise with the intention of delegates experience – and so take away – the generally memorable impressions of the island,” understood BHA chairman Jean-Charles Le Coz.

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Makepung is in point of fact the hose bull races which is imported by the neighborhood Madurese population. It is the the largest part dramatic of Jembrana’s measures, all through the western the largest part districts it is still frequent to go to see a team of strapping, grey or pink bewilder pulling wooden carts full with cacao, coffee or bananas. Mekepung began as farmers amusement fully raced their neighbors in plowing a line of work or in bringing the harvest in. The races soon became an event in themselves, and the cumbersome cikar carts were replaced by light, two-wheeled chariots. The Regional Government of Jembrana has involved in organizing the line. All participants are members of a racing private club (sekehe mekepung) and are segmented into two divisions:

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Best Five Tranquil Bali Beaches

Everybody loves Kuta’s white sand, surf, spectacular sunsets, bargain shopping and colourful nightlife. It’s a high-voltage feast destination; the pace is fast and fun. It’s tranquil to pay out a a small amount of days problematical by amusement in Bali’s the largest part in style tourist boil. When you’re made in performance problematical, remedy by hand by bearing unfashionable of Kuta and discovering more or less of the more unworried beaches Bali has to offer. These secluded acne are guaranteed to leisurely your step. Be located inspired to look around and get pleasure from the natural beauty of Bali’s best-kept secrets while relaxing and re-energising for the duration of I beg your pardon? Might recently be the the largest part memorable part of your excursion.

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6 Popular Temples in Bali

If you love the culture and spiritual heritage of other countries, you will be sure to enjoy visiting some of the temples in Bali. Once you’ve found your Bali Villa accommodation you can set off to visit some of the closest ones straight away – unless you have arrived at night, of course. You may also not realise that most of the temples are uninhabited unless there is some kind of spiritual festival about to happen.

There are many temples scattered throughout Bali, not just in the main cities so wherever else you go to do your sightseeing in Bali, it is highly likely that a temple will be there too. This will give you the chance to visit some of the less popular ones and perhaps see something that most other people missed out on. However, the popular temples are that way because they are easier to access than most others, so tourists tend to choose them first.

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The Bali Monkey

One of the in style things to organize in Bali is to visit the Bali Monkey. I don’t really know why. It’s nothing amazing and you can’t enter the genuine temples but the reason the area is on are very lovely…and no problem, full with a set of monkeys. I’m not a enormous fan of visiting seats someplace monkeys are used to make somewhere your home. When monkeys get a hold used to make somewhere your home they get a hold agressive.

However, all raved just about this place so I unambiguous to visit it as part of a long stagger around the area. The scenery in the area is beautiful but the monkeys organize get a hold quite agressive. I took of a videocassette of my experience and since pictures are worth a thousand lexis, I’ll accede to ou ascertain the area instead of by han.

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Poppies Lane (What to do in Bali)

Poppies Lane II in the centre of Kuta has almost everything you need shopping wise. DVD and volume shops, internet cafes, bars restaurants and all the t-shirts, shorts, flip-flops and sunglasses you may well viable mean

Poppies Lane II in Kuta is jammed with guesthouses and hotels, and the largest part of them are unfussy seats with the aim of can’t be booked online in advance. During the largest part era of the time you can arrive bags in dispense and stumble on a space with the aim of suits your financial statement. You possibly will not get a hold a space by the top place on your slant, but you ought to be able to get a hold a like space instead of a like value not far away.

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What To See In Bali

Bali is the travel destination of Indonesia and Prime Minister near are many things to organize instead of tourists and travelers. This Indonesian island is preeminent notorious instead of its beautiful white sandy beaches but near are many other wonderful activities you can get pleasure from for the duration of your vacation.If planning a excursion to Bali subsequently be sure thing to get pleasure from more or less serious activities and seats to go to see listed on beneath. Ubud is the interior of the artistic kinship of the island

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Spiritual Tour

In Hindu rituals, water is used to cleanse the devotees before and after praying. Also, the offerings and the shrines are required sprinkling of holy water to ensure its purity. Water is so vital that during Odalan (Temple Anniversary) in any Temple, sometimes the water has to be obtained from another Temple or place considered being of higher source.

Tirtha Empul Temple (Indonesian: Puru Tirtha Empul) is a Hindu temple in the middle of Bali Island, Indonesia, famous for its Holy water where Hindu Bali people go for purification. In Pura Tirtha Empul, you will find bathing pools of natural spring of water with archetype designs of Old Balinese style. The springs bubble up into a large, crystal-clear tank within the temple and gush out through water sprouts into a bathing pool.

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What Makes Bali Unique?

The Balinese people represent only 2 percent of the total Indonesian population, yet they differ from the rest of Indonesia in many ways. Language, dress, songs, stories, food, and the calendar are uniquely Balinese. The most significant difference is their religious beliefs. Approximately 87 percent of the Indonesian population is Muslim, although almost all Balinese adhere to the Balinese-Hindu religion.

Through their religion, people partake in many different and elaborate ceremonies during their lifetimes. These different ceremonies mark a person’s journey through life with colour and celebration.

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Balinese Dance and Culture

The backbone of Balinese culture is dance, which is performed for the duration of temple festivals and in ceremonies of the cycle of life and death.

From the phase with the aim of Balinese history was being recorded in on paper form, its dance has existed. Ninth century inscriptions named the wayang (puppet theatre) and topeng (mask dance) as the chief entertainment of the date. Gamelan song goes back still broaden to the Dong young man sculpture culture of the originally millennium BC. Apart from the trance dances, much of the Balinese dance heritage in point of fact originates from Java.

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Nyepi (The Silent Day)

On 23th March 2012, Balinese Hindus will be celebrated Nyepi Day. I hope you can use 2 minutes to read this story from the Island of Thousand Temples

On Nyepi Day on premature morning of……(around 01.00AM) the lamp in the road will be good turn –off. It sign to NYEPI will be advent soon. Nyepi income quite. On Nyepi, Hindu,s are suggested to fast and regret on their mistakes for the period of a day. It is essentially out-and-out to introspection which is well-known as “Holy Meditation Day”, therefore the folks requisite be able to get your hackles up its entreaty.

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Bali Tours : Cremation Ceremony

Ngaben Cremation Ceremony

The most striking ritual in Balinese society that we can see now is Ngaben, weather it is followed by a cremation of real body or corpse or not. The complex and time, energy and fund consuming ritual has come to the view of society as the bigger burden of their life. This type of exaggerated ritual must have started from royal palace that much possible started from 13th century, then followed by the common people. It is probable also that the priest or pandita have given the hope to the people that by doing such as exaggerated ritual a promise of Sorga or good life after death. Other reason it would have been the chaos of castes where each group claimed or traced their progenitors to high person of the past by showing that they performed the great ritual. This is a fact when a certain family can only use tower with only one roof, 3 roofs, or even 11 roofs. This is to show the social status of the dead and his family as the high class descendants. (read more Bali Tours)

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Tour Around Ubud

Ubud Bali is an idyllic village in the sensitivity of Bali. Once you stay at this time a link of days you fancy you may possibly stay pro weeks and at that time pro months. There are so many things to sort out ranging from attending the gracious legong dance by Ubud palace or by following a way in Balinese painting or to energy on a bird watching tour with an eccentric Englishman in the rice paddies. But that’s not all. When you’re in Ubud you be inflicted with to travel around a morsel to really be grateful for the surroundings which get on to Ubud lacking a doubt the cultural hub of Bali. Here are our top 7 sights to think it over around Ubud Bali.

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Spiritual Travel and Tips

Bali Tours Spiritual

Bali’s an incredible island of Indonesia. It is referred to as “the island of 10,000 temples” due to the detail with the intention of here are so many temples and shrines. Inside Bali, religion runs everything with the intention of is life on this island. Every single time the island sees major religious festivals somewhere right through and, factually thousands of tiny thankful offerings. Just the first name Bali seems to bring up view of exotic beauty and endless religion. Well the island of ten thousand temples is all with the intention of and more. Eat, pray, and love all with the intention of is Bali.

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Bali Temple

Spectacular Temples to Explore on Bali Tours
The hotels in Bali could be opulent, but they be inflicted with nothing on the decadent temples of the region. Of all the Bali temples the preeminent renowned is the Besakih Temple, which is furthermore renowned as the Mother Temple. The temple is located on the feature of Mount Agung, with the mountain peaks giving it an almost mythical quality. On your Bali toursto this temple which is on the edge by 1,000 feet up the mountain and named with the dragon god with the intention of is understood to inhabit the mountain. The Besakih temple is the single temple in which a Hindu of one social group logic can worship, and this is due to the eighteen separate sanctuaries housed surrounded by the Besakih.

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Top 20 Bali Tours & Activities

    For physical lovers a stumble to Bali is not complete with no visiting Bali Safari & naval Park. Designed in support of animals to live in a natural home, however plus allow you to persuade closer to them than you perpetually idea workable. Have the probability to cuddle a baby orang-utan, tiger, lion or leopard. Observe and persuade up close to finished 60 altered species as you have a expedition journey straight through physical enclosures.
  2. BALI TOURS : BALI BUGGY & QUAD Bali Quad Discovery Tours bloc the fun and adventurous experience of driving your own quad bike with the opportunity to ascertain approaching the way the Balinese locals live. You will go along an practiced conductor through an authentic part of Bali, driving flanked by beautiful rice fields, leaving the rainforest and driving up a mountain. Stop along the way next to a traditional dwelling and taste real Balinese coffee. A sincerely unique and exciting way to see to it that Bali.

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Amed Beach

Bali Tours today talking about Amed. Amed Beach East Bali is everything you dreamed it would be a rare and special paradise of outstanding exotic beauty, vibrant culture and friendly people. Here you can finally find peace and quiet, enjoy great food and take advantage of comfortable and inexpensive accommodation. From the beach, Amed offers an excellent site for training dives. It has a flat bottom lagoon for instruction and a coral reef only 5 minutes swim away.

This location is highly recommended for introductory dives. By boat, Amed has a nice wall dive just a few minutes away. It is a fun, easy dive for everyone. Snorkeling and diving off the black-sand beaches here is exceptional, the variety and numbers of fish on display are among the best on Bali and the water temperature is a constant 28 degrees. Schools of cardinal fish, triggerfish, black snappers, pyramid butterflies, banner fish, and damselfish can be seen on the sand slopes, while table corals, big fan gorgonians, and magnificent stag horn Acropora and Dendronephthya trees, dense growths of sponges, crinoids, and sea fans are commonly found within 20 meters of shore.

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Bali Tours Culinary

Welcome to island of the Gods, Some people believe that Bali’s a country on it’s own. Bali’s a great place to escape to from everyday stress and to have a relaxing vacation. You will never be bored to come back again and again! Beautiful white sandy beaches … rice field … great view … also good food! When you visit here, don’t forget to do a culinary trip … to taste the unique traditional dishes from the Paradise Island. No need to worry about the cash because they have a good food from simple restaurant/warung to very high class restaurant. And of course with different kind of tastes … depend which one you want to try. You want to taste local food or western? Name it! They have all!! Here are some recommended places with local food you can try:

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Bali Tours : About Nusa Dua

The place name Nusa Dua can be used in two ways: either it can refer to the entire eastern side of the Bukit Peninsula at the southern tip of Bali, or it can refer to the purpose-built, safe and rather sterile tourist enclave (Kawasan Pariwisata, quite literally Tourism District) at the southeast side of this peninsula. Nusa Dua is one of Bali Tours destination.

This article covers everything in the Nusa Dua enclave plus the Tanjung Benoa peninsula and a few points west of the enclave to the village of Sawangan. Everything on the Bukit Peninsula to the west of Sawangan is covered by the Uluwatu article.

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About Bali and Bali Tours

Bali is small island, just 140 Km by 80 Km and lies between Java, the most highly populated and influential of all the islands, and Lombok, one of the quieter and moderately slower paced islands. Like many islands, Bali has developed a world of its own. It not only captures what is special about Indonesia but also has a uniqueness of its own. Bali, also known as the Goddess island, is an island with 1001 kinds of uniqueness, beauty and arts. In this pages you will get more information about Bali travel tips.

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Bali Culture

Bali is truly a unique isle; from its timeless traditions, colourful pageantry to rites of passage. The people possess a genuine sense inner happiness that is perhaps attributed to the strong Hindu faith. There is a fundamental belief in the spiritual world which should always be in balance and harmonize with the physical world to attain peace and prosperity.


Although there are no artifacts or records dating back to the Stone Age, it is believed that the first settlers on Bali migrated from China around 2500 BC. By the Bronze era, around 300 B.C. quite an evolved culture existed in Bali. The complex system of irrigation and rice production, still in use today, was established around this time.

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Bali Tours : Map



Bali Facts:

Capital: Denpasar
Governor: Made Mangku Pastika
Area: 5,632.86 km2 (2,175 sq mi)
Population: 3,551,000 (2009)
Density: 630.4 /km2 (1,633 /sq mi)
Ethnic groups: Balinese, Javanese, Baliaga, Madurese
Religion: Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist
Languages: Indonesian (official), Balinese
Currency: Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)
Bali is a small island in the Indonesian archipelago – with Java to the West and Lombok to the East, it is only 8 degrees south of the equator. The island is volcanically active and extremely fertile, its mountainous terrain boast many peaks around 2000m, with the tallest Gunung Agung (known as the “mother mountain”) is over 3000m.

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Guide to Bali Tours

This BALI TOURS guide is maintained and updated regularly by foreign residents living in Bali, usually once a week – sometimes more often. You’re invited to visit frequently and to bookmark this page.

You’ll find on this site current information on the island of Bali in Indonesia and down-to-earth advice, sometimes biased by personal experiences but never influenced by commercial considerations.

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