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You’ll find on this site current information on the island of Bali in Indonesia and down-to-earth advice, sometimes biased by personal experiences but never influenced by commercial considerations.


In spite of many changes caused by the rapid development of Bali’s economy, local and international tourism, and communications (television, fax, pagers, GSM hand phones, Internet), the influx of people from other Indonesian islands, and the strong influence of the government and “big business” in Jakarta, the island of Bali in Indonesia is year after year voted by the readers of all major travel magazines the most enchanting travel and holiday destination in the whole world.

Bali’s wide variety of attractions, the physical beauty of the island, and the year-round pleasant climate make Bali a place regarded by many visitors as the “Ultimate Island”.

The friendly people and the absence of any serious criminal activities guarantee visitors a totally relaxing stay – which is a very pleasant surprise for guests who repeatedly felt threatened in Barbados, Jamaica, and other “dream islands” in the Caribbean.


  • Detailed Bali Map (39k).
    Probably the most up-to-date and detailed map of the island of Bali on the Web. “Stolen” by many other web sites, but we’ll keep it up-to-date for you.
  • Geography, Climate, Population, Economy, and What Makes Bali so Special.
    General information, facts you might find useful, and some personal impressions.
  • Kuta Sweats Sex.
    Report by Denise Dowling (Urban Desires, September 1996).
  • Ubud, the Heart of Bali.
    Report by Jamie James (The Atlantic Monthly, August 1999).
  • The Paradise Paradox.
    Report by Keith Loveord (Asiaweek, October 1997).
  • Real-time Bali & Indonesia News
    Read the latest news about Bali and Indonesia, pulled in real-time from hundreds of reputable international news sources and information services.


  • How to Select the Right Company to Book Over the Internet.
    A step-by-step guide on what to look for before you make any commitment over the Internet. This applies to Internet bookings wherever you go, not only to Bali.
  • New Visa Regulations Introduced since February 2004.
    Which nationalities qualify under the new regulation for a “visa free” stay, and which nationals can take advantage of the VISA on ARRIVAL (VoA) facility.
  • How to Fly to Bali. Links and Books to Buy.
    Contains links to most airlines, private aircraft charter companies, and to some air ticket consolidators who offer discounted air fares to Bali.
  • Where to Stay in Bali.
    Brief guide to the main hotel and resort areas in Bali.
  • Getting Married in Bali.
    Formalities and Legal Procedures required to get married in Bali.
  • Bali for Families – the Kids (and Parents) Love It.
    Excerpts from the International Herald Tribune.
  • Cruising the Spice Islands from Bali.
    Cruises and private charters from Bali to visit fierce dragons who have survived from the Jurassic age on Komodo, and to experience ancient tribes and cultures in the Lesser Sunda Islands.
  • The Cost of Your Stay in Bali.
    Costs to expect for accommodation, daily food & drinks, transportation, etc. You’ll be VERY surprised when you compare these prices with other destinations around the world.
  • Potential Hazards for Visitors to Bali.
    Daily updated information on the social situation in Bali as well as maps, charts and satellite images of the region showing the areas affected by any smoke or haze, the cloud situation, and the winds affecting Bali.
  • The “BALI travel FORUM”
    News & Views from the “Ultimate Island”. Benefit from experiences of residents and recent visitors. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. This is one of the busiest “Forums” on the Internet!
  • Worldwide Embassy & Consulate Directory
    Just in case you have some questions regarding an entry visa or a permit for an extended stay in Bali – or any other country.


  • Bali Hotel & Resort Bargain Finder
    Find the GUARANTEED lowest rates at famous boutique hotels, luxury resorts and budget hotels in all parts of Bali. Reserve on-line to save 70% and more. Now with Extra-Special Offers valid for limited periods only.
  • Your Best Choice: Private Vacation Villas in Bali
    Choose from the most beautiful villas in Bali with two to seven bedrooms, a tropical garden with your own swimming pool, trained house staff including a cook and maids, an air-conditioned car with driver, etc. to take care of you around the clock. Check here for Last Minute availabilities and special offers. This “luxury” will be much less expensive than you think.

BALI INSIDER’S GUIDE (continually updated)

  • Bali Weather Report & 5-Day Forecast.
    This report is for the whole island of Bali: this means even if you see rain showers announced these might only be in Ubud and in the mountains while the coastal areas are sunny.
  • Money Matters.
    Information on local currency, how to change money, credit cards and ATMs.
  • Currency Exchange Rates.
    Local exchange rates quoted daily by BII – Bank Indonesia Internasional.
  • VISA ATM Locator.
    Listing of all VISA ATM machines worldwide – including Indonesia and Bali.
  • Internet Access from Bali.
    How and where temporary visitors can access the Internet during their stay in Bali.
  • What You can See and Do in Bali.
    The most important tours and excursions; Balinese dance performances; Wayang Kulit & traditional drama; museums & exhibitions; sports & many other leisure activities, and shopping.
  • Food & Restaurants to Enjoy in Bali.
    Prices & opening hours; “Chaîne des Rôtisseurs” events; International cuisines; Indonesian cooking, Padang food & Balinese delicacies; beer, wine & local alcoholic beverages. Restaurant suggestions: where to eat in Sanur; restaurants in the Kuta area; seafood in Jimbaran; eating out in Nusa Dua; Ubud & surroundings.
  • The Food of Bali – Recipes and Instructions.
    Lavishly illustrated recipes for 75 Balinese delicacies and detailed instructions how to prepare them. Compiled by Bali’s food guru Heinz von Holzen.
  • Bali after Dark.
    The most popular pubs, bars and discos for tourists and residents in the Kuta area, Sanur, Nusa Dua and Ubud. Updated frequently!
  • Drugs: Don’t even think about it!
    The use (or just ownership) of narcotic drugs is illegal in Indonesia and punishable by death. Drugs offered on the street are of questionable content, and often mixed with toxic substances. Many street vendors cooperate also with the police. If you buy you will be arrested soon afterwards, and you will be released only after paying US$60,000 or more – if at all!

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