Jembrana as one of bali tours destination. Jembrana has an area of 842km2 and a population of 220.000. lts inhabitants liveon farming and fishing. Rice, vanila, canned fish are the main source of income. This region is divided into 4 sub districts: Malaya, Mendoyo, Pekutatan, and Negara.

Bali Tours : Negara Town

A small town on set along the main road between Badung and Gilimanuk. Negara itself does not have many tourist sites although it is famous for the bull races, held every year between July and October. The dates of the events vary from year to year. Information can be obtained at the Badung Tourist Promotion Boards office in Badung on these. Water buffalos are used to pull the tiny carts, gaily decorated for the occasions, at high speed down the race track. Held to celerate the end of the rice harvesting season, the races are judged both on speed and style, and create and amazing spectacle, enthustiastically watched by crowds of local people as the bulls thunder down the narrow mud track, bells ringing and silken banners flying.
Jegog – the giant bamboo gamelan (orchestra) – is typical of Jembrana and is seldom heard outside the regency.

Places to stay/ Bali Tours

Waka Shorea, Ph: +62.361 .723629 Puri Dajuma Cottage, Pekutatan, Negara, Ph: +62.365.43955

Tourism Activity / Place of lnterest/ Bali tours

Pantai Medewi. This beach is located in Medewi Village, Pekutatan sub district, Jembrana, abcut 75 km from Denpasar. lt is a rocky beach with a beautiful bend and offers a terrific sunset in the evening. Medewi Beach is one ofthe best surfing spots in Bali and is a favourite place for Australians and Japanese. The long waves at Medewi Beach roll all year and is popular with surfers for that reason. The best season for surfing lrere is in August. Waves at this beach are relatively easy to handle and surfers can perform several tricks. Another advantage ofthis beach is that it has no sharp corals so that surfers don’t have to worry about hitting one.

Bali Tours : Delod Berawah Beach

L,ocated about 87 km from Denpasar, this beach has black sand. It is called berawah (from the word ber-rawa meaning marshy) because it is close to a marsh or swamp. This beach is suitable for swimming and enjoying tlre sunset.

Bali Tours : Perancak Beach

This beach is located in Purancak Village. At this beach you can find many fishermen’s boats as it is fishing village. PurancakVillage is also a centre for turtle conservation.

Bali Tours : Pengeragoan Beach

Located at Pengeragoan Village about 50 km from Denpasar, this beach is unique for it has black sand which unfolds the coast from the west to the east. At sunset, a magnificent view witlr a romantic nuance is present, the reason why Pengeragoan Beach is a perfect place to visit in Bali.

Bali Tours : Bunut Bolong

Bunut Bolong is a sacred tree in Manggisari Village about 80 km from Denpasar. This tree is unique. lt is huge with a diametre of about 30 meters and has a hole at its bottom part/trunk. The hole is so big that two cars can go past each other along the road under the tree connecting the left side of the tree and the right side. This tree is deemed sacred by the local people and is believed to be guarded by spirits. lf you are in Jembrana, pay a visit to this tree, take a picture of it and continue your journey to the beach or to the national park. Apart from these two tourist sights there are not many places to visit in this area.

Bali Tours : West Bali National Park (WBNP)

With a total area of 190 km2, WBNP is comprised of a rain forest, a mangrove forest, a savana! sandy beaches and coral reefs. ln WBNP there are more than 175 plant species, I60 types of birds, I i 0 coral species from 22 species of mushroom coral family (out of 29 species in the world) and many animals such as bulls, boars, anteaters, panthers, monkeys and so on. To visit this park you have to get a permit from the office of Perlindungln Hutan dan Pelestarian Alam (Forest’Protection and Nature Conservation) which is located at:

Kantor Pusat PHPA, Jl Raya Cekik-Gilimanuk, Jembrana, Ph: +62 365 61060 Jam buka:08.00 – 16.00 Permit tariff: 1DR.2.500,- for indonesian and lDR. 20300,- for foreign tourist.

Exploring this national park you have to be escorted by a guide which costs about IDR 100,000 for half a day and IDR 150.000 for 2 days.The trekking is 125 km long. To those who love under the sea life, dont miss the opportunity to dive and snorkel around Menjangan lsland in order to enjoy the impressive under the sea panorama with colourful coral reefs once you get a permit from the PHPA office. Menjangan lsland is a small island which stands near WBNP and is part of the conservation, Menjangan lsland is a well known diving spot in the world. The name of this island is taken from the name of an animal’rnenjangan’(deer) that live on this island and are protected by the government.

To get to Menjangan lsland, you cin ride the glass bottom boat from Labuhan Lalang (Port). Crossing takes about 30 minutes. Boat and Guide Tariff: IDR 250,000 per boat with maximum 15 people. With this tariff you can share the cost with other tourists. Enjoy Jembrana as one of your bali tours destination.