Buleleng as one of Bali tours destination. Buleleng is the north part of Bali which is hilly and extending along the west coast to the east coast as far as 144 km. With a total area of 1.367 km’z Buleleng has about 578.000 inhabitants. Buleleng is divided into 9 sub districts. The “Singa Ambara Raja” (Winged Lion) is the symbol of Buleleng Regency. The image of Singa Ambara Raja is erected by the mid of the T-Junction by the front of the administrative center of Local Government of Buleleng.

The image is built on a foundation in the smooth of a pentagon symbolizing five philosophy of Indonesia State Philosophy, called “Pancasila”, namely.

1. The Principle of Belief the lone and just God.

2. The Principle of Just and Civilized Humanity.

3. The Principle of Unity of Indonesian.

4. The Principle of Sovereignty of the make somewhere your home led by the Inner Wisdom of Deliberation surrounded by Representatives.

5. The Principle of Social Justice instead of the entirety of the make somewhere your home of Indonesia.

The Winged Lion has two wings consists of 17 long quill symbolizing the rendezvous of 17th, the rendezvous of the independent status Proclamation of the Republic of Indonesia, noble 17, 1945.

The lion is holding a kind of corn, in Balinese called “Jagung Gembal” and consists of 8 leaves symbolizing the month of noble 17, 1945.

The corn consists of 45 grains symbolizing the time 1945, Augusts 17, 1945.

The motto “Singa Ambara Raja” representing the heroic spirit of Buleleng make somewhere your home.

The winged lion image is supported by 9 petals of waterlily symbolizing 9 districts (Kecamatan) in Buleleng.

Three elephant fish symbolizing strength, wisdom and the facility of the Buleleng make somewhere your home. Three intense jewels symbolize vigilance and attentiveness to expression all of contingencies. The entirety figure of long and curt feathers of the wings are 30 symbolizing the rendezvous 30th, the rendezvous of the firm of Singaraja, the principal of Buleleng. Three bones holding the feathers symbolize the month of the firm of Singaraja. The soft quill which covers the body of the lion totaled 1604, symbolizing the time of the firm of Singaraja. All of them combined representing the date, month and time of the birth of Singaraja, swagger 30, 1604. This image has turn into a in style radical of North Bali, Buleleng Regency.

Places to Stay / Bali tours

Puri Bagus Lovina, Jl. Raya Seririt, Desa Pemaron, Lovina, Ph: +62362.21430

Zen Resort Bali, Ds. Ume Anyar Seririt, Singaraja, P h: +62.362.9357

Adirama Beach Hotel & Restaurant, Jl. Raya Singaraja-5eririt, Lovina, Ph: +62.362.417 59

Aneka Lovina Bali, Jl. Raya Kalibukbuk, Lovina, Singaraja, Ph:+62.362.41121

Bali Paradise Hotel, Jl. Kartika, Kalibukbuk, Lovina, Ph : + 62.362.41432

Puri Saron Baruna Beach Hotel, Desa Pemaron, Lovina, Ph: +62 .362.4147 5

Bali Taman Hotel, Jl. Raya Lovina, Lovina,Ph: +62.362.41126

Banyualit Spa ‘n Resort, Singaraja, Ph: +62.362.41789

Melka Excelsior Hotel Bali, Jl. Raya Kalibukbuk, Lovina, Ph: +62.362.41 562

Novus G.:wana Resort & Spa, Banyuwedang, Buleleng, Ph + 62.362.94 598

Lovina Fco Lodge & Bungalows, Jl. Raya Tigawasa No BB, Batu ngongkong Labuhan

Aji Temukus Banjar, Lovina

Restaurants / Bali Tours

Bali Tours
Barakuda, Jl Mawar, Kalibukuk, Ph +62 362. 41405

Kakatua, Jl Bina Ria, Kalibukuk, Ph +62 362.41344.

Warung Bambu Pemoran,, Ph +62 36227080

Volcano Club, Banyualit Ph +62 362 412222.

Waru Bali, ll Mawar, Kalibukuk.

Cafe Made, Mawar, Pantai Lovina, Singaraja, Ph: +62.81 .337420855

ZigiZ Bar, Jl Bina Ria, Kalibukuk

Ngiring Nqewedang, Desa Munduk, Buleleng, Ph: +62.362.41840

Arati, Jl. llotel Puri Bagus, Lovina, Singaraja, PH t-62362.32775

Tourism Activity/ Place of lnterest/Bali tours

Gitgit Waterfall

This waterfall is located at Gunung Luwih Gitgit village, Sukasada sub district. lt is the longest waterfall in Bali with a height of 60 meters. To get to the rruaterfall, you have to waik down hundreds of steps made of stone and along a path for about 20 minutes. Entrance Tariff: Adults: IDR 3,000, Children: DR 1,500

Pemuteran Sea Reserve (Taman Laut Pemuteran)

Located in Pemuteran village, Gerogak sub district, tlris sea park is a coral reserve with a total area of 2.5 hectares and a depth of 15 meters. Pemuteran area is very close to the West Bali National Park (Taman Nasional Bali Barat). This quiet and peaceful beach offers a magnificent sea garden.

Lovina Beach and Dolphin Tour

Bali Tours
Lovina Beach is one of the main attractions for tourists in Bali. Located in Kalibugbug Village, this beach is famous for its enchanting beauty and the many dolphins which are offered to tourists as an attraction. The dolphin tour starts at Lovina Beach at about 06.00 in the rnorning using a boat that belongs to the local fishermen. A boat can take 5 people and is charged IDR 75,000 per person.

Lovina Tourism Region is located on the north coast of Bali, approximately 20 km west from Singaraja city. Lovina Beach well-known as Dolphins tourist attraction, don’t be surprised if you find a dolphin statue about 5 m of high was built near the entrance of the tourist area. A unique thing is very few objects in Indonesian beach that offers the dolphin attraction as the mascot of the tour.

To see the sights of dolphins, tourists are expected to depart early in morning about dawn or just after six o’clock local time. and a few tips, we recommend the boat tenant transactions conducted on the afternoon before so you have more time to select the ship and its offering.

You will be presented with the spectacular view the sights of dolphins in the wild at close range. Some of the dolphins with a relaxed somersault in the air showed a rare attraction does not even exist in other coastal tourist sites. After the sights of dolphins, you could ask your guidance to locations where coral reefs can be seen quite clearly from the boat, like to see a giant aquarium with coral reefs and colorful fish milling around the boat.

Lodging in Lovina area was regarded complete. Starting from a star hotel, or home-stay are available here. So don’t worries about where you stay. Well, lovina has a lot become an alternative tourist attraction in addition to Kuta, Nusa Dua or Sanur is already crowded.

Bali Handara Kosaido Country Club

Playing golf at an altitude of 1.142 m above sea Ievel with temperature of 14 – 20 degrees Centigrade, and the view of hilly Bedugul and its lake is surely an unforgettable experience. Bali Handara Kosaido Country Club has 1 B holes surrounded by tall trees and various colourfulflowers. Tariff: USD 150 per person including caddy and cart fee.

Bali Handara Kosaido Country Club, Desa Pancasari, Sukasada , Ph: +62.362.3422646.

Buyan Lake Located at Pancasari Village, Buyan Lake is part of a I .700 hectare natural forest. With an exotic scenery, Buyan Lake, sized 3.9 km2, is surrounded by hills and rain forest. Buyan Lake’s natural beauty is one of the irresistible attractions for tourists. Tariff: IDR 5,000 Tents for rent are avilable for those who want to stay the night campinq. A tent for 4 people costs IDR 200,000; a tent or tents accommodating about 50 people cost IDR ’1,200,000. Enjoy Buyan lake as your Bali Tours destination.