On 23th March 2012, Balinese Hindus will be celebrated Nyepi Day. I hope you can use 2 minutes to read this story from the Island of Thousand Temples

On Nyepi Day on premature morning of……(around 01.00AM) the lamp in the road will be good turn –off. It sign to NYEPI will be advent soon. Nyepi income quite. On Nyepi, Hindu,s are suggested to fast and regret on their mistakes for the period of a day. It is essentially out-and-out to introspection which is well-known as “Holy Meditation Day”, therefore the folks requisite be able to get your hackles up its entreaty.

Trendy Hindu teach, present are 4 prohibitions to folks requisite follow and completed for the period of Nyepi:

First, folks are prohibited to verve exposed the street, therefore for the period of 24 hours first from 06.00 AM, present will be refusal departure from and to Bali, refusal cars, bicycles, and motor bikes drive on the street, refusal folks hike along the street, EXCEPT the traditional Balinese guards (Pecalang) who will patrol the streets to ensure to Nyepi silence is not disturbed.

Second, folks are prohibited to good turn on the television, data lines or tape-record, refusal light and fire, therefore mothers and daughters engage in to cook on premature morning in favor of preparing their meals for the period of 24 hours ( in favor of folks who can not fast due to at all circumstances).
Third, folks are prohibited to obtain drunk or liability opposite activities of the Hindu’Teach. Therefore, nearly of them engage in their thought in relatives temple in the accommodation or completely sit and read Religion Teach in the accommodation.
Fourth, folks are prohibited to effect such as washing, sweeping, cooking, and the rest. Therefore they engage in to accomplish folks jobs the time ahead of.

These strict guidelines are not enforced to folks who stay on the inn. The Tourists will be complimentary to persue conventional covered activities produce manipulation of the pool area and get a breath of air the plot, as they are in inn property. However, the beaches will be stopped up. During the time the Hinduism will besides pray in favor of the the human race. Please remember……..All NYEPI time present will be NO departure surgery IN and OUT the Island.